Lviv National Academy of Arts represents one of the most complex and interesting trends in Ukrainian higher education — professional training of creative personalities in the field of fine art, decorative and applied art, design, restoration, culture studies, art studies, cultural and artistic management.

The idea of Art Academy creation in Lviv originated over 100 years ago and consequently this modern educational institution is by right considered a successor of the best traditions and acquisitions of art education initiated in Lviv as far back as the middle of the 19th century. The Lviv National Academy of Arts is a higher educational institution of the fourth level of accreditation. It was officially opened in September 1946 as the State Institute of Applied and Decorative Art and in 1994 reorganized into the Lviv Academy of Arts. On 21st September 2004 «for its significant contribution to the development of the national education and science, state and international activity» the Academy was granted a status of a national educational institution by the presidential decree.

In the structure of the Academy there are four faculties, the Kosiv Institute of Applied and Decorative Art, the extension courses, the access course for entrants, the scientific and research department, the postgraduate and doctoral studies, the Specialized Academic Board dealing with the defense of Ph.D. and doctoral theses (art studies), the scientific library, the museum, the modern art gallery, the editorial and publishing section, artistic and production workshops. Modern development of the Academy is impossible without active cooperation with other educational institutions. Among them there are famous European art academies and institutes in Poland, France, Germany, Hungary, Austria, Bulgaria, the Baltic States, Russia, which is of great importance within the context of European educational integration. The foundation of the Educational-Scientific and Creative Complex on the basis of the Academy became the effective means of the state programs realization. The Complex consists of 22 higher educational institutions located in 7 regions of Ukraine as well as abroad which train specialists in art.