Факультет образотворчого мистецтва і реставрації

Faculty of Fine Arts and Restoration

Shumsky Ihor
Shumsky Ihor,
Dean of the Faculty,

Five graduate departments belong within the Faculty of Fine Arts and Restoration:
monumental painting,
monumental and decorative sculpture,
sacral art,
artworks restoration,
contemporary art practices;
and two supplementary chairs of academic drawing and academic painting
providing for teaching these subjects for all students of the academy.

One of the most important specialized directions of the Monumental Painting chair is organic inclusion of painting into the architectural, urban, architectural and landscape environment, development of special requirements and stylistic values in the curriculum of contemporary monumental art. The latest study orientations primarily concern the mastering of such new areas as scenography, polychromy of an Eastern Christian temple, monumental stained-glass windows, installation and other contemporary artistic practices.

The educational and creative curricula of the Monumental and Decorative Sculpture chair are based on the classical European and Ukrainian sculpture traditions and they are constantly being improved in view of contemporary art trends. Thorough professional study of the objective world (a man in the first place) is combined with the bold search for subjective creative interpretation in tasks on the issues of interaction between the sculpture and the environment. Making sculpturesque works of stone, wood, metal, gesso and new materials is being practiced.

Contemporary Art Practices curriculum is focused on the formation of a qualified specialist, artist in the field of contemporary art. The program novelty is in: а) the introduction of art directions, that are new for the Ukrainian artistic education: installation, performance, video art, object, environment, digital media, interdisciplinary practices; b) combining work with the form in various media and spatial environments and parallel, conscious work with meanings based on the study of theory, the development of reflection skills and critical thinking.
Disciplines to be taught:

  • video art,
  • digital media,
  • object, installation,
  • performance,
  • environment;
  • photography, fundamentals of composition,
  • fundamentals of computer simulation and video editing,
  • fundamentals of computer programming,
  • history of world and Ukrainian art of the 20th – 21st centuries.

Artworks Restoration chair is an ideal choice for those who aspire to return former beauty to the forgotten masterpieces. The peculiarity and relevance of the chair's functioning is that it is the only one in the Western Ukraine that train restorers of artworks, which are subject to constant destruction and natural physical aging, even due to museum storage.
List of basic occupational disciplines:

  1. Conservation and restoration practicum.
  2. Special physics, special chemistry, special biology.
  3. Fundamentals of restoration activities.
  4. Computer technological design
  5. Technological practicum
  6. Chromatology. Architectonics of artworks.
  7. Technology and materials science
  8. Fonts, drawings, linear perspective
  9. Iconology, iconography. Artworks attribution
  10. Museology, museum activities.

The concept of Sacral Art chair activity involves the revival and popularization of the Ukrainian icon painting, its original stylistics. The achievements of the sacral art of the Knyaz era, Galicia-Volhynia school of icon painting of the 14th-16th centuries, as well as the achievements of the Ukrainian artists of the first half of the 20th century were taken as the main directions of the educational and creative activity of the chair. The creative work of teachers and students of the Sacral Art chair is being carried out in the following basic directions:

  • temple interior complex decoration;
  • performance of temple polychromy in fresco, painting, mosaics, stained-glass windows, sgraffito techniques;
  • implementation of iconostasis and wall altars project;
  • painting icons in tempera, encaustic (and other) painting techniques.

Students of the chair receive professional knowledge in major (composition, work in the material, iconography on a board, on a wall (fresco, sgraffito, mosaic, stained-glass windows), theoretical disciplines (technology, history of art in speciality, icon theology, iconography).

Academic Drawing chair carries out pedagogical, scientific and methodical and creative activities basing, first of all, on the experience of previous generations of the LNAA teachers. The chair professes realistic grounds of academic drawing based on profound experience of the forms’ constructive content. The chair teachers devote special attention to the issues of the features of the drawing connection with the peculiarities of the LNAA specialities.

Painting remains an integral and important part of the Lviv art school, one of the main, fundamental disciplines of the educational process fulfilled by the teachers of Academic Painting chair. The chair staff has developed and implemented into the educational process eight author programs for graduating chairs in recent years. The basis of such cooperation is the development of students' thinking and professional culture.

Student Artworks