Foreign Applicants

All documents required for the application are to be submitted personally from July 12 till November 15.

The foreign applicants personally submit an application for entrance (available in Admition Office).

The foreign applicants have to present the following notarized Ukrainian translations of the documents:

  • Education certificate with a grade transcript;
  • Certificate with a negative result for HIV-test (if other is not stipulated by the international agreements with Ukraine);
  • Medical certificate officially issued by a representative of Health Public Services of the applicant's country (the date of issue - not later than the 2 months before the arrival in Ukraine);
  • Medical emergency insurance policy (with the exception of foreigners arriving from the countries with which Ukraine has concluded agreements on free emergency medical treatment);
  • Copy of birth certificate (passport);
  • 6 photographs, size 3,5x4,5 cm.

Additionally, the applicants have to submit own studio works (drawing, painting etc.). The works created in material (sculpture, ceramics, wood engraving...) are to be represented by the respective photographs.

The admission board has the right not to admit those applicants whose studio works testify to insufficient artistic competence.

Study at the Academy is possible on a contract basis only. 
Tuition fee for 2017 applicants is 50000 UAH (≈ 1900 USD). 

Foreign Applicants will be interviewed to demonstrate their knowledge of Ukrainian, history of arts, etc.
The date of Interview will be assigned by Admission Office.

Organization of the educational process

The educational process with foreign students is conducted in Ukrainian according to curricula and plans developed and approved in accordance with the established procedure, the fulfillment of which is mandatory for them.

Foreign students are required to attend classes in all types of training cycles: fundamental, humanitarian and socio-pedagogical disciplines during both undergraduate and postgraduate training.

For foreign students it is mandatory to study the Ukrainian language as a foreign language.

The procedure for registering a student in the Migration Center is carried out by the representative of the educational institution after joining the Lviv National Academy of Arts.

To download short information about Academy and the list of Departments, please follow this link.

Please, fill free to contact us.

The Admission Office:
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+38 032 243 7428